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yobo体育app|詹姆斯还能拿几个冠军? 有机会比肩乔丹吗
发布时间:2021-09-25 05:32:03



   This year, James won his fourth championship in his career, and problems arise. When he retires, how many championships can he win? Can he match Jordan in the number of championships? "Clutch Points" reporter Dave Monaco wrote an article, after some analysis, he believes that James should be able to win another championship, but it will be difficult to say later.

今年,詹姆斯赢得了职业生涯的第四个冠军,并且出现yobo体育app了问题。当他退休时,他可以赢得多少个冠军?他能在总冠军数上与乔丹匹敌吗? 《离合器点》的记者戴夫·摩纳哥(Dave Monaco)写了一篇文章,经过一番分析,他认为詹姆斯应该能够赢得另一个冠军,但是以后很难说。

   After winning the fourth championship of his career with the Lakers, James has undoubtedly made himself one of the greatest players in NBA history. But the question then came, do they still have enough ability to complete the defense? Or even win more championships? The answers to all these questions point to James.


   James needs to continue to control the ball and become the super giant to maintain the Lakers' victory. So, how many championships can James actually win when he retires? Can you compare with Jordan?


  The age of James


   In the 17th season of his career, James still looks explosive. Whether it is chasing blocks or dedicating incredible dunks, he hardly shows any signs of aging. However, no one can avoid the effects of increasing age.


   From the 2004-05 season so far, James’ team has never been out in the first round. Before the 2018-19 season, he led the team to the finals for eight consecutive years.


   After spending an extra offseason this year and ushering in the shortened 2019-20 season, it is not surprising that James is recharged with energy. However, the 2020-21 season will reignite the war in January next year, and it is likely to still be a full season. In this case, it will be even more difficult for James to replicate this year's success. At the age of 36, James may finally have to see him start to decline.


   How will this affect the Lakers' victory? A slow James means that the Lakers team will also slow down. If he can't play at a high level again, the Lakers will find it difficult to repeat the success of this year's playoffs next year, especially in the highly competitive West End.


   competitive situation


  The NBA has gradually become a league dominated by some budding young talents. A group of young stars who have not fully utilized their talents have emerged in the east and west regions. If James wants to maintain the league's top 3 title for a long time in the future, the difficulty can be imagined.


  Anthony Davis can shoulder the responsibility of offensive and defensive Lakers, but this situation should appear in the playoffs. In order to make the Lakers stand on the highest podium again, James must continue to be one of the best players today. Otherwise, the Lakers will have a lot of trouble in the face of some emerging forces that will rise next season.

安东尼·戴维斯(Anthony Davis)可以承担进攻和防守湖人的责任,但是这种情况应该出现在季后赛中。为了使湖人再次站在最高的领奖台上,詹姆斯必须继续成为当今最好的球员之一。否则,面对下赛季将要崛起的新兴力量,湖人将会遇到很多麻烦。

   Next season, the NBA will welcome back healthy Durant, Irving, and Splash Brothers. They are all looking forward to making a difference in the playoffs or reviving their glory. In addition, next season the Clippers will work hard to come out of this season's failure. Of course, the Nuggets should not be forgotten. The two young stars of the team, Jokic and Murray, are also eager to reproduce the success of this year's playoffs next season and pull the Lakers down. James' road to the championship next season is full of difficulties and obstacles.


in conclusion


   Considering these, James cannot guarantee success next season. It should be possible to win another championship, but it's hard to say afterwards. The Old Man of Time will never let anyone go, and James is no exception. If James stays with the Lakers and the Lakers' core lineup remains the same, he should be able to win another championship and then retire with five titles. But no matter how many championships he can win in the end, whether it is 4, 5 or 6 titles, it is very remarkable that we can witness the greatness of James in such a long time.




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